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We wish to become the flagship of Sporting and social harmonising within the Community of Leyland and to embrace other Sports and Groups. Our Mission therefore is to help and grow all Community Activities and Interests.

  • Continue to provide Sporting Facilities on existing Parkland (Worden Park) and examine additional potential sports surfaces available
  • Enhance the Management Skills of Dedicated Qualified Coaches for the benefit and enjoyment of the Communities Children in the Borough of South Ribble, particularly in Leyland, through Sport and Parent Socialising
  • To secure ‘up to the mark’ separate changing facilities for Children (boys/girls), Adults (men/women)
  • Safe and Secure parking facilities
  • Environmentally friendly Access to Parkland
  • Maintain and develop the facilities, the playing surfaces and to further create a sporting community and participation for all
  • Potential to ‘grow the club’ and Increase Membership

Why not join Leyland’s sporting and social scene at Leyland fox lane sports and social club. The membership is only £3.00